Eastman experts unlock potential of metallised film-free

PrintWeek along with Eastman conducted a webinar on film-free packaging solutions. More than 400 delegates had registered for the 60-minute knowledge-sharing session which was conducted by Vikram Mane, senior technical service representative, and Pritesh Martins, business development manager.

19 May 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

The Eastman panel highlighted the innovative cellulose-ester technology

The webinar saw a record number of delegates register for the session. The audience posed 27 questions that were addressed by the Eastman tech-team like Vikram Mane, Pritesh Martins, Wu Juan Juan and Zhang Eric.

During his presentation, Vikram Mane said, “Eastman’s innovative cellulose-ester technology features film-free transfer metallised packaging that can help accelerate the transformation to a better, more recyclable and sustainable packaging solution.” Mane added, “This alternative is lightweight, recyclable packaging with holographic metallic effects that can be directly repulped to make new paper. It also reduces the total weight of packaging by 10%, providing better value on transport.”

Eastman uses transfer metallised paper (TMP) as an alternative. The TMP structure contains four layers namely - paper, adhesive, aluminium layer and then a release coating. The release coating is transparent, and sometimes holographic, which provides surface protection.

Pritesh Martins said, “Eastman's solus-based transfer metallised technology has certified recyclability that implies no compromise on luxurious metallised packaging, while eliminating plastic laminated paperboard. It has a high shelf-appeal and no compromise on aesthetics.”

Some benefits of Solus-based TMP are: Improved recyclability; and compared to lamination paper, CE-TMP reduces 20 GSM by eliminating plastic film. The GSM can be further reduced by replacing regular paper with a high bulking paper to reach additional 10 to 15% weight reduction.

Showing a video demonstration, Martins demonstrated how transfer metallised paper (TMP) is certified by PMV as recyclable and can be placed into the regular recycle stream. In Solus-based TMP production, BOPET film can be used three to five times to significantly reduce the consumption of petroleum-based plastic film and carbon emission.

During the Q&A session, Zhang Eric said, “Compared to BOPET laminated paper, Solus-based TMP demonstrates better paper flatness, which results in a noticeable improvement in the final packaging. With the film-free structure of Solus, the difference of moisture absorption of the two sides is reduced, which mitigates the impact of humidity variation and results in better paper flatness.”

Responding to a question from an industry stalwart during the Q&A session, Wu Juan Juan said, “Eastman holds both FSC (licence code FSC-C140711) and PEFC Chain of Custody certification, ensuring the traceability of the wood pulp sourced to make Eastman cellulose esters.” She added, “The production process of cellulose esters results in a product portfolio of biomass, with approximate new carbon calculations, ranging from 45-60% for TMP release coating application.”

The webinar was part of the PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? knowledge series. As Sudhanva Jategaonkar, B2B - business head, said, “​Our webinar is a great opportunity for business principals and senior production staff to discover how they can use technology to bring out hidden opportunities to streamline operations and maximise their profits.”

The recording of the webinar will be shared with the delegates who attended the session. The questions (answered and even those which were unanswered) will be published as a tech-report.

It will be available on demand to people who register with kalpesh.shah@haymarketsac.com

Eastman - At a glance

Eastman is a Fortune 500 speciality materials company with a revenue of USD 10.6-bn generated in 2022. It is a global manufacturer of advanced materials and specialty additives. It operates in four business segments and is 14,500-people large globally. The company caters to its customers in more than 100 countries.

Eastman has a diverse portfolio of business such as additives and functional products which saw a revenue generation of USD 3.2-bn (30% of total Eastman sales). The portfolio also includes advanced materials, chemical intermediates and fibres that generate 31%, 29% and 10% of the Eastman revenue respectively.

The company looks forward to its 2030 commitment of innovating for a sustainable future.

Eastman’s presence:

It is headquartered in North America, and present in Europe, Middle East and Africa; Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Total number of employees: 14,500

Manufacturing sites: 27

R&D and technology centres: 9