Dulari gets Ricoh to meet extended colour gamut needs

Ludhiana-based Dulari Digital Photo Services has opted for a Ricoh Pro C7200X Graphics Art Edition digital print production engine to meet its extended colour gamut requirement. The machine was supplied by Monotech Systems.

17 Dec 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Aman and Rahul Goyal of Dulari Digital Photo Services

The Ricoh Pro C7200X can print from 52 to 360-gsm printing substrates at the speed of 85-ppm. The production press is equipped with EFI Fiery colour controller E-46A server, which works on NX Pro platform.

Rahul Goyal, managing director, Dulari Digital Photo Services, said, “From photo albums, we diversified into digital-commercial printing in 2018. Then we realised that our customers from the commercial segment were looking for something new, especially the extended colour gamut. We found the answer in the Ricoh kit. The Ricoh Pro C7200X digital printing press is capable of printing CMYK+white, metallic, special colour in a single pass.”

Goyal said, with the machine, the company is now able to satisfy its customers and extend our deliveries. “Earlier, printing white was a big concern and our customers used to travel to Delhi to get the printing done. Now, we are providing the white colour printing in Ludhiana,” he said.

Dulari is a family-owned business and is run by Rahul Goyal and his younger brother Aman Goyal. Rahul is responsible for the commercial business and Aman is responsible for the photo business. The business was started as a wedding album manufacturer and ventured into digital printing around two decades ago.

Aman Goyal said, “Right now, the ratio between our commercial and photo business is 40:60, but soon, it will be 60:40. We have 10% staff in commercial printing compared to photo albums. In our commercial segment, we are targeting 4-5 lakh A3 impressions per month.”

The company has the capacity to produce around 500 albums per day and is working on more than 50% of capacity. “We are expecting solid growth in this. We entertain more than two hundred regular customers along with walk-ins.” he said.

Goyal said the company has more than a decade-long partnership with Monotech Systems. “Monotech Systems deployed a dedicated service engineer in Ludhiana for Ricoh press,” he said.

“The Goyal brothers are experienced players from the industry, and if a company from the photo segment chooses the Ricoh press, it means a lot.

“Dulari has been an esteemed customer for us for more than a decade and we cherish this relationship. We hope that the Ricoh Pro C7200X is going to bring more avenues for them," Ajeet Pareek, business head, digital print and solutions, Monotech Systems, said.

“This is the first Ricoh C7200 installation in Punjab and in photo segment. We congratulate Dulari team for leading the way. Today customers are looking for something innovative in print and this we are confident that this press is going to bring more customers and revenues for Dulari Digital,” Surendra Singh, regional manager, Monotech Systems, said.

Team Dulari and Monotech Systems