DSM launches alternatives to paperboard packaging

DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, has announced its portfolio of reworkable and repulpable barrier coating resins for the food and non-food packaging industry. Now, manufacturers have an alternative to traditional, less eco-friendly LDPE coatings.

26 Feb 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Now, manufacturers have an alternative to traditional, less eco-friendly LDPE coatings

The way consumers think and feel about packaging is changing. Consumers are questioning the environmental credentials of the packaging they are handling, especially in food packaging. They are demanding to know if it is safe, sustainable and less wasteful. Also, the industry is wondering if packaging still has the functional properties to fulfill its long-term requirements.

For paper and board mills, convertors and ink formulators, as well as brands and suppliers who are looking to reduce their use of harmful components that are difficult to recycle (such as PE laminates on paper), DSM is now offering them the opportunity to switch to more recyclable resins that are easy to formulate and use. At the same time DSM’s new portfolio can help to lower the cost of production and scrapping compared to PE laminates.

DSM’s dispersion coating resins are aimed at producers of paperboard packaging for consumer foods, who want to continue delivering durable, high-functioning and reliable primer coatings, inks and top coatings.

The key benefits of this suite of products are that they all deliver high performance without the need for expensive retooling. Each has been designed to be easy to formulate and suitable for various applications and are resistant to water (Cobb), grease, oil while also being compliant in accordance with food contact regulations.

At the end of their useful first life, packaging and stock coated with these resins can be easily repulped without the need for any extra processing.

For paper manufacturers and packaging convertors, DSM resin solutions offer the ability to be applied using existing coating equipment, and decreased production waste and scrap costs vs PE lamination as waste and scrap coating is readily recyclable, and any treated substrate is simple to repulp.

For ink formulators, DSM resin solutions are easy to formulate, are grease, oil, and water (Cobb) resistant, and require fewer test cycles, increasing their speed to market.

Jacqueline Revet, global marketing manager of DSM Resins and Functional Materials, said, “At DSM, we are committed to providing the print and packaging industry with a rapid and painless transition away from PE coatings to recyclable alternatives. These resins represent a major step on this journey towards reducing the use of harmful LDPE.”