Drupa 2024: Vianord Engineering unveils advanced technologies for flexo pre-press

The future of the flexo ecosystem is getting boosted once again thanks to Vianord Engineering, as the company launched a series of cutting-edge updates and new technologies for its flexo pre-press equipment, designed to enhance productivity, sustainability, and integration at Drupa 2024.

03 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Mauricio Contreras of Vianord Engineering at Drupa 2024

These innovations underline Vianord Engineering's commitment to pushing the boundaries of the industry and meeting market demands with constant innovation. The combination of the green-engineering principles and the latest and greatest technologies is the foundation of the enhanced Hi-Tech EVO Systems. 

All new Vianord systems are designed to support effectively all flexographers having to deal with the increasing market demands and megatrends of sustainability, by addressing the economic, social and environmental issues that intersect with flexo plate-making.

The new software structure enables more intuitive user interfaces and smarter automation, which simplifies workflows and minimises human error. Overall, these advancements not only boost productivity but also elevate the overall performance of the Evo units, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Industry 5.0 is set to revolutionise the flexographic printing industry as a transformative standard. This easy-to-install, off-the-shelf system enhances the experience with Vianord Evo systems through seamless workflow data and operational information exchange. Its adaptability and sustainability not only boost the company's economic growth but also improve employee work life and benefit the environment.

Vianord has announced the launch of our newest exposure systems. The Evo LED range of equipment combines both main and back exposures delivering faster results, consistency and repeatability. As with all Vianord equipment, the futuristic and unique design gives its users a sense of belonging and of real partnership.

The Green technology not only lowers the carbon footprint with up to 65% energy savings, but also reduces operational costs for users, supporting both environmental and economic benefits. 

Founded in 2012 by highly qualified specialists in flexo plate-making, Vianord remains at the forefront of the industry due to its relentless commitment to research and development consistently monitoring and satisfying changing market needs and taking the lead in innovation by setting new standards.

The company has installations in over 95 countries, with 130+ automated Easy to Plate solutions installed in 21 countries.