Drupa 2024: Siddhee Prints finalises Pentac Rhino S 510 buy

Switzerland-based Pentac displayed its wide range of embellishment technologies at Drupa, which the packagers can use for both narrow and wide-web applications.

06 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

The Pentac team at Drupa 2024

“One of the featured items is the Rhino flatbed embossing system, designed specifically for enhancing labels and flexible packaging,” said Rajesh Agarwal, managing director of SRK Technology, representing Pentac in India.

Additionally, Pantec showcased the Cheetah N rotary embellishment system, which can apply unique 3D images to shrink sleeves. These images are transferred onto the sleeves using heat and pressure from a carrier film at speeds of up to 20 images per second, creating a three-dimensional effect that cannot be achieved with traditional embossing methods.

Agarwal informed PrintWeek that Mumbai-based Siddhee Prints has finalised a deal to install the Pentac Rhino S 510.

Siddhee is a significant player in the chewing tobacco industry. The company will be using the machine offline. Agarwal said, “The machine Siddhee will be installing is one of the fastest in the world, with a speed of 150-mtr/min and 30,000 strokes per hour. It is a flatbed machine, which has the advantage of allowing for embossing along with foiling in one go.”

Agarwal also informed that the Rhino is designed for the label segment and chewing tobacco and cigarette packaging, making it a versatile choice for customers in India. “Pragati and Mark Emballage have installed the Rhino for label and carton production, while ISP Printpack and Sriram Polyester have invested in multiple Rhino units.”