Drupa 2024: Provin finalises three press deals for RMGT

Vinay Kaushal, managing director at Provin Technos, the Indian representative for RMGT presses, has informed PrintWeek that three customers have finalised deals for the installation of RMGT presses.

31 May 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

The RMGT team at Drupa 2024

The deals include, an eight-colour perfector and two four-colour RMGT 9-series presses. “Few more deals are in the pipeline, and that includes a bigger-sized press, are also being finalised,” said Kaushal.

To a question on where is the Indian printing market heading, Kaushal said the Indian market is currently seeing increased demand in the packaging and publication sectors.

“Digital publication is emerging as an additional segment, complementing the traditional offset market and commercial printing. The packaging industry is also experiencing growth. When we refer to “high configuration,” we are talking about a minimum of six to eight colours unless specific requirements dictate otherwise. For instance, a packager supplying packaging to a  pharmaceutical company might be fine with a four- or five-colour press.”

RMGT, then Ryobi, popularised the 37-inch sized press. However, it remained a press for the commercial segment. With the printing industry witnessing significant shifts in demand and technology, did RMGT have to tweak its presses to suit the packaging market's demand? Kaushal emphasised that RMGT had presses aimed at the packaging sector. "However, we were not competitive in terms of pricing, hence could not sell them. With the inclusion of new features and a competitive price, we are now in a better position to compete."

Recent developments in the Indian market and adjustments made to cater to the evolving demands in the printing industry highlight the need for a strategic approach when considering investments in printing presses. "When buying a machine, you need to consider the future, which now is 10 years, not 25 years," said Kaushal.

Machines are evolving from mechanical to electronic, and the systems are changing rapidly. It's important to understand that with every technological upgrade, things become obsolete quickly. "When making a buying decision, it should be a thoughtful one. It's not about simply buying a machine and assuming it will run for a long time. You should consider the return on investment (ROI) over 10 years. It's a bonus if it lasts longer," explained Kaushal.