Drupa 2024: Pratham to launch automatic outsert system

Pratham Technologies will launch a fully automatic outsert system with automatic robotic tray packing at Drupa 2024, to be held from 28 May to 7 June. With this system, the company intends to help its customers run their plants more efficiently and get more productivity.

22 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Varad Deshpande, CMO, Pratham Technologies, said, “We look forward to providing more solutions in this direction, as we have observed that most of our customers, not just in Europe and the US, but also in India, are facing difficulties to acquire and retain a skilled workforce. Moreover, our glue detection system, along with the Super Print and Inspect will help eliminate manual quality control completely.”

The company’s latest upgrade of the automatic outsert system consists of a shorter round pile Feeder that saves up to four feet of space but is still able to run all paper sizes. It also has an auto-adjusting gauge based on your paper size. 

“Our covers are made see-through, so that it’s easier to locate just the tray where the paper got stuck, instead of removing all trays. We have given a separate ejection system for double sheets along with a collection tray so that customers can reuse those sheets. Our patented double-sliding cross folder helps use all the bands of the rubber roller. The new knife comes with a belt parking system and a centralised greasing mechanism. To top it all, it has simple, but beautifully designed aesthetics,” he added.

Along with the outsert system, Pratham Technologies is also introducing an automatic flat pile feeder for commercial and booklet applications using a cross knife. The automatic feature will be provided for our entire pharma folder range as well.