Drupa 2024: Landa launches new press models

Landa Digital Printing has announced the launch of the next generation of its market leading B1 digital print technology, the Landa S11 and S11P Nanographic Printing Presses. The new Landa models offer extreme production versatility while reaching 11,200-sph print speed. The increased speed drives superior economics for customers looking to increase productivity while reducing job turnaround times.

28 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Benny Landa, founder, Landa Digital Printing during his presentation at Drupa 2024

Commercially available at Drupa 2024 and utilising artificial intelligence technology, the new Landa presses will also offer a new PrintAI module which enhances print quality even further. It ensures a perfect fit for even the most demanding folding cartons and commercial print applications requiring micro text and other brand protection features. PrintAI opens the door to additional profit-generating opportunities for many businesses.

Gil Oron, CEO, Landa Digital Printing, said, “We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Landa S11 and S11P. Following the success of our customers with current Landa S10 and S10P models and based on a deep understanding of the industry’s future needs, we are taking nanography to its next level. The new Landa models enable printers and packaging converters to not only increase print quality but also elevate productivity and profitability while further reducing job turnaround times. 

He added, “As a mature and proven technology platform, we’re proud that over 50 Landa presses are now at the heart of many businesses in 14 countries around the world, with more than 20% of our customers having placed a repeat order for a second or third press. Considered a critical growth engine for folding carton converters, commercial printers, and point-of-purchase specialists, we’ve entered a new era of print production with nanography. A time when previous technology limitations have been removed, and print buyers can finally have what they want when they want it – beautiful print, with unlimited design potential produced economically, at market-leading turnaround times, and with the environment always in mind.”  

The new Landa S11 and S11P models include a new ink drying system that enables the transfer of dry ink from the blanket to the media, at a higher speed of 11,200-sph. Unlocking additional productivity and improving economic benefits, the new high-speed capability is key for printers and converters looking to produce more jobs, with shorter deadlines.

The new Landa S11 and S11P can be customised to the exact requirements of every customer. This means that each new press comes with a choice of four or seven colors, a continuous printing capability, an optional in-line coating unit, and the opportunity to purchase the 11K Module elevating productivity to 11,200-sph and/or the PrintAI module. 

Gil Oron, concluded: “The new Landa modules provide a significant premium to customers. While much of the new S11 series is based on the same robust and proven S10 platform, with the additional capabilities launched, customers can expand their service offering or break into profitable new markets. More widely, there’s no question that the B1 digital print revolution is underway, with Landa presses helping many print houses and converters to meet some of the industry’s biggest challenges - and take advantage of some of its biggest opportunities.”