Drupa 2024: Kodak unveils innovations for inkjet and offset

Kodak unveiled a range of new and innovative solutions for digital and traditional print production at Drupa 2024. With the products and solutions showcased, Kodak enables printers to take their productivity, sustainability and profitability to a higher level.

29 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Jim Continenza: Our One Kodak approach ensures we provide printers with customised inkjet, offset and workflow solutions that help them meet the evolving needs of their customers

The new Kodak Optimax pre-coater enables efficient inline or offline application of primer to substrates for production inkjet printing. Optimised for use with Kodak Optimax Primers, the Optimax pre-coater is demonstrated inline with the groundbreaking Kodak Prospoer Ultra 520 press at Kodak’s booth. 

The Optimax pre-coater enables inkjet printing on virtually any paper and helps printers shift more jobs from offset to inkjet. It minimises ink consumption and improves drying times, so printers benefit from increased throughput and lower operational costs while reducing reliance on costly inkjet pretreated papers.

From the portfolio of the new Kodak Finishing Solutions, developed and manufactured by Kodak, the Prosper Ultra 520 Press will be featured inline with roll-to-roll and roll-to-fold solutions. A full-color flyer is folded and trimmed inline. Additionally, posters are cut from printed rolls and stacked in a nearline application. The versatile, fully customisable devices establish Kodak as a full-service provider of integrated webfed finishing solutions for high-speed inkjet workflows.

Offset solutions  

The new Kodak Sonora Ultra Process Free Plate is the pinnacle of process-free technology, breaking new ground in image contrast (up to 9x stronger than competitors), white light exposure tolerance (5x better) and plate image stability up to six weeks when stored in the dark. Today, more than 6,000 customers around the world are using Kodak process-free plates. Sonora Ultra is the newest and smartest way to join the process-free revolution. The pioneering plate boosts printers’ productivity and flexibility while opening the door to the rich benefits that come with eliminating processing chemistry and plate processing equipment.

The new Kodak Magnus Q3600 Titan Platesetter is the most versatile CTP system on the market. It offers enhanced automation, productivity, and reliability for 4-up, 8-up, and VLF (maximum 1,600x2,083-mm) plate imaging. With the multi-pallet loader configuration for up to 7,500 plates online and optional W-Speed throughput reaches 52.6 plates per hour (at 1,030-mm plate width along the drum). The innovative VLF CTP solution features more accurate, faster and reliable positioning of the Kodak Squarespot imaging head and a 1/3 smaller footprint than its closest competitor.

Workflow software  

The browser-based Kodak Prinergy Access 2.0 content management SaaS solution includes new proprietary Intelligent Layout technology which dynamically imposes files accurately and efficiently for any production line. Prinergy Access puts print buyers in control of file preparation from anywhere and streamlines file submission, preparation, layout and routing of production-ready files. It also includes a feature-rich customer portal with Smart Review as well as Kodak’s industry-leading Preflight+, colour management, file management, backup, trapping and routing software.

“At Drupa 2024, we are unveiling a range of innovative products that demonstrate Kodak's commitment to investing in innovation across our complete portfolio of traditional and digital solutions. Kodak's understanding of the entire print shop allows us to provide printers with the cutting-edge, highly automated solutions they need for their current and future business needs from a single source," said Jim Continenza, executive chairman and chief executive officer, Kodak. "Our One Kodak approach ensures we provide printers with customised inkjet, offset and workflow solutions that help them meet the evolving needs of their customers and succeed in the markets they serve.”