Drupa 2024: Hyderabad-based Pragati inks Fogra pact

Narenda Paruchuri of Pragati Offset signed up for Fogra PSO Certification at Drupa in the presence of Fogra managing director, Dr Eduard Neufeld. Along with the Fogra PSO Partner from India, Kulakkada Pradeep of Future Schoolz and other Indian industry doyens.

04 Jun 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

(l) Narenda Paruchuri: The Fogra endorsement will be an excellent confirmation of our competence and investment in knowledge, processes, and equipment

Narenda Paruchuri of Pragati said, "Pragati follows the mantra of quality first". He added, "Every day, we strive to elevate the print experience to the next level. Fogra PSO Certification is a natural choice for us because we believe in the science of printing and uphold it in all of our operations." Paruchuri felt, "Fogra's endorsement will give us greater confidence to pursue new pathways and raise the bar for expressing creativity through printing and packaging. Further, we are confident of our pre-press excellence, Fogra endorsement, which covers everything from printready file handling to pre-press to proofing and print production, will be an excellent confirmation of our competence and investment in knowledge, processes, and equipment over the decades.

Prof Dr Rajendrakumar Anayath, chairman of Future Schoolz’ Advisory Board said, "Three Indian print firms signing up for Fogra PSO Certification in a week is undoubtedly a harbinger of things to come in the Indian printing sector. Standardisation is the key to the Indian printing industry's success and global leadership. It is equally crucial to sustain and endorse it." Anayath added, "If India aspires to become the world's printing capital, we must ensure quality and consistency first. Going with Fogra standardisation and certification is the greatest option for us. Adopting Fogra standards would help printers assure consistent quality up to global standards, and I hope that many more will follow suit."

Located in Germany, Fogra conducts audits that provide an independent quality benchmark, enabling manufacturers and print businesses to objectively assess the capabilities of their presses and production processes.

In addition, successful implementation of the PSO can provide multiple benefits of improved cost, quality and time performance, and reduced waste. The quality assurance from the Fogra certification gives print businesses a competitive advantage when retaining customers and seeking new opportunities, enabling them to enhance their offerings and expand their businesses.

As reported earlier, two Indian print firms - Imprint Technopack, Bengaluru and Orange Printers, Thiruvananthapuram - signed a Fogra PSO Certification at the Fogra stand at Drupa.