Drupa 2024: HP Indigo 120K digital offers many advantages

The new HP Indigo 120K digital press introduces a new standard for high-volume digital production, prioritising reliability, high uptime, and fast production. The press aims to revolutionise press innovation by focusing on uptime, reliability, and productivity while maintaining the known Indigo quality.

06 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

High uptime, simpler interface and better economics with the HP Indigo 120K digital press

The new Eco mode helps printers achieve improved economics and higher profitability by increasing uptime and reliability and lowering service costs by 20%. “The Eco mode is a new print mode that reduces click price by intelligently creating a vivid image while using less ink. This new four-colour print mode complements the EPM and provides an economical solution for a wider application range,” highlighted Golan Landsberg, head of R&D, HP Indigo.

The HP Indigo 120K digital press integrates into any production floor seamlessly and enables flexible operation, optimising the print ecosystem. The automated user experience reduces human touchpoints and allows for multi-press operation by a single operator. “The press can reach demanding turnaround times with speeds of 6,000 sheets per hour and up to 90% press availability. It is designed to deliver tens of thousands of B2 sheets every day, producing over 2-mn B2 sheets per month,” said Landsberg.

The HP Indigo 120K offers automated and streamlined operation with continuous feeding, continuous stacking through Auto Pallet Replacement, and continuous colour measurement. Printers can save valuable time with multiple input and output paper sources, allowing a seamless and automated switchover process for jobs and paper substrates.

By shifting shorter jobs from analogue to the HP Indigo 120K, print service providers (PSPs) can capitalise on the environmental advantages of the digital printing process, including eliminating aluminium consumption and reducing paper waste and makeready time. “Additionally, with the new HP Indigo 120K Eco mode print option, printers can run jobs more economically and sustainably, reducing carbon footprint by 11%,” said Landsberg.

“The HP Indigo 120K is a game changer. I have no doubts this press is the ultimate solution for any commercial print floor. The focus on productivity, economics, and ease of use is based on our customers' feedback. This wasn’t a trivial direction for us, but as the market leaders, we felt this was the path the industry was waiting for. with the first beta presses installations and the level of excitement we see on the field, I think this is exactly the change that will accelerate the analogue to digital transformation and increase the digital share on the market,” Noam Zilbershtain, vice president and general manager of HP Indigo and Scitex.

On 30 May 2024, HP hosted Infected Mushroom for an epic performance at its stand in Hall 17. The sound of the HP Indigo 120K digital press transformed into a symphony, turning Hall 17 into a massive hour-long party.

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli musical duo formed in Haifa in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. The duo produces and performs psytrance, electronica, dream trance, and psychedelic music. In terms of both domestic and international sales, the duo are one of the best-selling groups in Israeli music history.

At Drupa 2024, HP took its successful Series 4 to the next level by introducing the new generation B2 press, the HP Indigo 120K digital press.

To watch the musical show, visit, https://shorturl.at/EoG10.