Drupa 2024: Gmund Papers to enter the Indian market early next year

Gmund Paper, a leading European paper manufacturer based in Germany, is expanding into the growing Indian paper market. With over 200 years of experience crafting beautiful, high-quality papers made from 100% plant-based fibres, Gmund is bringing its sustainable and innovative products to India.

31 May 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Strassburger with team Srinivas and Jay Raj Fine Papers

Gmund, showcasing a range of its products at Drupa, claimed it operates the world's first carbon-neutral paper mill in southern Germany. “The company utilises homemade renewable energy sources and cleans all water used in the papermaking process. This commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact is a hallmark of Gmund's operations,” said Stephanie Strassburger, vice-president for Asia and Pacific at Gmund.

Strassburger told PrintWeek that Gmund plans to launch several new paper lines uniquely designed for the Indian market in January 2025.  

Working closely with top printing press manufacturers, Strassburger informed that Gmund papers are optimised for a variety of printing technologies, including offset, digital, and speciality processes. "Gmund provides full technical support to ensure printers can realise the full potential of each paper product."

Strassburger with team Srinivas and Jay Raj Fine Papers

Through a selective distribution partnership with two major Indian distributors – Mumbai-based Srinivas Paper and Jay Raj Fine Paper, Gmund will offer a curated assortment of distinctive papers not currently available. "From luxurious wedding invitations and packaging to high-end commercial communications, Gmund papers will bring added value, beauty, and creativity to any project," said Strassburger.