Drupa 2024: Expert launches Expert Active 908-X

Italian manufacturer Expert has unveiled its latest innovation, the Expert Active 908-X, an eight-colour CI flexo printing press, at Drupa 2024. Represented in India by Emerging Graphics, this new press is designed to cater to the burgeoning flexible packaging market.

04 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Expert team at Drupa 2024

Alejandro Signorelli, sales & marketing manager at Expert, highlighted the growth of the packaging sector, particularly flexible packaging. He noted, “Flexo printing is gaining traction due to the increasing demand for short-run, varied jobs. According to our calculations, the flexible packaging market is growing at a double-digit rate. We are organising live demos of the machine throughout the show. The unique aspect of the press is its zero waste at job start, which drastically reduces consumable waste at every job start.”

The Expert Active 908-X features the globally patented Zero-waste system, an interactive system that enables the flexo printing machine to set an exact register without human intervention. This system ensures high-quality, precise prints monitored by video web observation systems.

This concept integrates all aspects of a printing machine, from high-quality mechanical components and precise workmanship to advanced proprietary software and AI capabilities. The Zer0-Waste system includes a special plate mounting system that is integral to the new Active-X 908-ZW central cylinder flexo printing machine.

Tushar Pande of Emerging Graphics emphasised the immense potential of the Indian flexible packaging market. He stated, “The Indian market is one of the most lucrative for flexo printing presses, with more than 95% currently dominated by rotogravure printing presses. Slowly and gradually, Indian converters are diversifying into flexo printing.”

Expert is hosting live demonstrations of the Expert Active 908-X throughout Drupa 2024, showcasing the machine's capabilities and innovative features to potential customers and industry professionals.

The launch of the Expert Active 908-X represents a significant advancement in flexo printing technology, offering a solution that reduces waste and improves print quality. With the flexible packaging market on the rise, the Expert Active 908-X is poised to meet the evolving needs of the industry.