Drupa 2024: ECO3, eProductivity Software announce partnership

ECO3 and eProductivity Software (ePS) has announced a strategic partnership that will push automation in print production to the next level. With fully integrated and tailored workflow solutions, this collaboration will set a new benchmark in efficiency, unlocking more opportunities for growth.

01 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The eProductivity Software stall at Drupa

The new partnership harnesses industry-leading prepress innovation from ECO3 and ePS to deliver an unparalleled workflow solution, seamlessly incorporating every aspect of the entire production process.

By creating certified end-to-end workflows, from customer and order acquisition, and job and financial management, to production and postproduction, tailored to the specific needs of each customer, the partnership will empower printers to succeed in a rapidly changing and complex market. With a unified user interface, customers will gain full control over their entire production, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity across operations.

As an example, the certified workflow allows the automated creation of jobs, including very complex versions within ECO3 Apogee from an ePS MIS/ERP platform. It also facilitates the tracking of file receipt and approval in Apogee WebApproval, along with the generation of printing plates, proofs, and digital prints.

“ePS and ECO3 are fully committed to supporting the printing market to adapt their production environment for growth. This collaborative approach ensures that the end-users will have the best possible tools for success at their disposal,” said Erik Peeters, ECO3 marketing manager software. “Our strategic and measured approach enhances product stability and reliability. It also enables us to deliver new automation features and functionalities, keeping pace with evolving market trends and customer demands.”

The ongoing partnership between ePS and ECO3 promises to herald a new era of innovation and opportunity over the coming years. Customers can expect a host of future benefits that will elevate their print production to new heights. From enhanced integration capabilities to advanced automation, analytics and insights, the possibilities to add value are limitless.

“We’re excited to partner with ECO3, leveraging our strengths to deliver exceptional value to customers,” comments Nick Benkovich, VP, portfolio management and strategic partnerships, ePS. “With a shared dedication to aligning priorities, deliveries and development timelines, we aim to create seamless products that prioritise their experience.”