Drupa 2024: DC Books signs-up for Fogra

DC Books, noted publisher from Kerala has signed for a Fogra PSO certification at Drupa. DC Books is perhaps India’s first ISO certified company among the Indian print-publishing firms.

06 Jun 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

DC Books has signed for complete Fogra PSO Certification

DC Books has become the first print-publishing company in India to opt for a Fogra PSO certification – both sheetfed and web offset from India. As per a press note shared by Future Schoolz, DC Books has signed for a Fogra PSO certification for both sheetfed and web offset including pre-press which is the highest level of certification from Fogra PSO. 

Ravi Deecee, the managing partner of DC Books  said, "The Fogra PSO would help us cement our quality drive, as it is a well-accepted global standard from the most reputed R&D organisation." He added, "We wanted to collaborate closely with Fogra and Future Schoolz in our journey to create a higher benchmark for quality of printed books."

Deecee shared, "We constantly strive to improve the quality of our books. We wanted to establish a global standard for product quality so that our readers could receive the greatest content and product. Now, we pursuing Print On Demand (PoD)."  DC Book has ordered a print-on-demand digital press from FujiFilm. 

O Venugopal, director of Anaswara Offset, Kochi and member of Future Schoolz Advisory Board said, "My association with DC Books goes back decades, and I recall the publisher DC Kizhakkemuri's excitement for introducing new technology into the
publishing industry." Venugopal said, "I am pleased to see that the legacy continues; this signing for Fogra PSO. This will take them further in ensuring quality books and perfectly serve as an inspiration for many Indian publishers to update and optimise their quality standards."

Jose Thomas, the principal consultant of Future Schoolz said, "We anticipate many more more publishers and newspapers will follow suit, as the Fogra PSO standards have the potential to reduce material and substrate waste as well as time spent on production." He added, "Consistency and higher-quality reproduction are an advantage, and much more important than productivity and cost reductions. 

Future Schoolz are the Fogra PSO official partner and committed to ensuring excellence in print quality and providing best-in-class support and service to print firms and converters in India.

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