Drupa 2024: Dalim Software to launch next-gen workflow products

Dalim Software, a leading provider of software solutions for creating, producing, and managing print and digital content, will be showcasing its next-generation platform, comprising the renowned Dalim ES and Dalim Twist products, at Drupa 2024, demonstrating how businesses can streamline their production operations for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

10 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

As the demand for content continues to skyrocket across various formats and channels, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in scaling their operations to meet these growing needs. Many organisations are finding that their existing in-house developed solutions and legacy systems are limiting their ability to expand their offerings and scale production effectively. This realisation has led to a critical evaluation of their technology investments, with a focus on finding versatile, scalable solutions that can be easily integrated and built upon.

In this evolving landscape, the ‘buy vs build’ debate has taken centre stage, with integration capabilities and platform consolidation becoming more crucial than ever. Companies are recognising the need for highly flexible solutions that offer an intuitive user experience and powerful automation capabilities, allowing them to focus on their core business offerings while expanding their capabilities. 

Dalim ES and Dalim Twst address these challenges head-on, providing a re-invented content lifecycle production platform with unlimited scalability, empowering businesses to meet the demands of the digital revolution in both print and online.

"Print providers, agencies, and brands face daily challenges with high volume and diverse content demands. Distributed teams and customers require solutions that enable work from anywhere. Dalim Software’s platform focuses on solving any challenge, present or future,” said Tim D'Elia, director of product strategy. “Our customisable, scalable technology automates and streamlines tasks, allowing teams to focus on their strengths while workflow ensures error-free media. Dalim ES and Dalim Twist, working together in our next-generation platform, can be applied to any process, improving operational performance, enabling scaling, and delivering the best quality.”

Dalim ES is a complete, end-to-end solution for just about any print and online production challenges. It provides an end-to-end solution for automating and managing the entire content lifecycle, from creation and collaboration to optimisation and distribution, across various content production industries. It also has the most comprehensive browser-based review tool, with a colour-accurate viewer, detailed analysis tools, revision comparison, annotations, and approval workflow that streamlines processes, reduces costs and enhances quality. 

Dalim Twist is a production automation for virtually any print or online output. For decades, Dalim Twist has helped a wide range of users automate time-consuming prepress processes from pre-flighting, to final file prep for output, to any print or online medium, eliminating manual errors in the process. The next-generation Dalim Twist, with its modern architecture, will help organisations scale up their operations to meet peak performance challenges, and down to help towards sustainability goals.