Drupa 2024: Bindwel's commitment to customer satisfaction

In the current highly competitive business environment, the emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service has become increasingly critical. With customers having a plethora of options available, a single negative experience can prompt them to switch to your rivals. This underscores the growing significance of taking proactive measures in customer service.

05 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Team Digital Reality with Sajith (second right) at the Drupa stand

Bindwel is India’s premier book-finishing equipment manufacturer, with installations in India, Middle East Asia, and many African countries, including Angola, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Armenia. The company considers customer service as important as producing a perfect machine.

An inspiring story of Bindwel’s exceptional customer service came from the Digital Reality group in Lagos, Nigeria.

Led by Elsie Akin-Adesola, the COO, Apostle, the vice-chairman, and colleagues, the group has made significant strides in Nigeria’s printing industry, specialising in web offset printing of educational books and short-run printing. What sets Digital Reality apart is that the top leadership is composed entirely of women, breaking barriers and setting new standards in the business world.

The group’s partnership with Bindwel Technologies has been crucial to its success. As an existing customer, Digital Reality has utilised the BW@2500 and incorporated the web offset machine from The Printers House, showcasing its commitment to quality and innovation.

A remarkable turning point in their relationship with Bindwel came when Akin-Adesola shared a compelling anecdote.

Linto Joseph, Bindwel's business development manager for Africa, visited Digital Reality’s facility to gather feedback. Just as he stepped into the group premises, he realised that the operator running the BW@2500 machine needed support.

“Instead of the typical response of promising to send a technician or facilitating a technical conversation, Joseph took proactive steps. He went down to the plant and resolved the issue immediately.”

A visibly astonished Akin-Adesola said that this was an extraordinary level of service. “In my extensive career, I have never witnessed such a hands-on and dedicated approach from a technology provider.”

The actions of Bindwel's business development manager went above and beyond her expectations and left a lasting impression.

This unprecedented commitment to customer satisfaction perfectly embodies Bindwel's brand essence – Enriching solutioning beyond expectations,” said P Sajith, managing director of Bindwel. “This incident impeccably reflected Bindwel's unwavering dedication to surpassing customer expectations.”