Drupa 2024: Bindwel to showcase portable page pull tester

Bengaluru-based Bindwel is set to transform the bookbinding industry with the launch of their portable page pull tester at Drupa 2024. Located in Hall 6/ B04, Bindwel’s booth will be a destination for stakeholders in the book production value chain, showcasing a device that promises to enhance quality control and efficiency in bookbinding.

28 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The ultimate measure of a well-bound book is its ability to withstand repeated page turns and pulls

Perfect binding, which utilises hotmelt adhesive to secure the book block to the cover, relies heavily on several factors: the quality of spine preparation, the consistency of adhesive application, and the adhesive quality. The ultimate measure of a well-bound book is its ability to withstand repeated page turns and pulls, making the page pull tester an indispensable tool for quality assurance.

A game-changing innovation

Bindwel’s portable page pull tester offers a robust, economical, and reproducible method to measure the page pull strength of perfect-bound books. This device is designed to help bookbinders optimise their processes, avoid over-engineering, and prevent potential binding failures. It allows users to fine-tune notching depth, adhesive gaps, coating amounts, and adhesive quality based on test results, potentially saving costs and enhancing product reliability.

Suresh Nair, the chief of Innovation and Application at Bindwel-Stelda group, is the mastermind behind this innovative tester. Inspired by Tony Clark’s book, Bookbinding with Adhesives, Nair has developed a solution tailored to the practical needs of book publishers and printers.

Portability and practicality

One of the standout features of Bindwel’s page pull tester is its portability. Traditionally, page pull testers have been bulky and confined to laboratory settings. Bindwel’s device, however, is compact enough to fit into a bag, enabling field tests at various locations. Ajay Joshi, the group vice-president of production and supply chain at Penguin Random House India, praised the device for its convenience, highlighting how it can be easily carried for on-site testing.

Affordability for all 

Kai Buentemeyer, director of Bindwel, underscored the importance of making this essential equipment accessible to all. By pricing the page pull tester at an affordable Euros 1,950, Bindwel aims to universalise its use. The device features a digital readout and a foldable, portable design, making it practical for any binding line or testing lab. It can be easily transported in a trolley suitcase, ensuring flexibility for users.

“It's high time we put the old habit of testing books back into practice. This will help identify problems before they become costly,” said Buentemeyer, emphasising the device's role in proactive quality assurance.

Industry Implications

Bindwel’s introduction of the portable page pull tester at Drupa 2024 is set to transform quality control in the bookbinding industry. By offering a practical, affordable, and portable solution, Bindwel is poised to help publishers and printers around the world ensure the durability and quality of their products.

For more information, visit Bindwel’s booth in Hall 6/ B04 at Drupa 2024, and discover how this device can enhance your bookbinding processes.