Drupa 2024: Apex underlined its commitment to sustainability

Apex International underlined its commitment to sustainability at Drupa 2024, with the global leader in anilox, metering, and embossing solutions showcasing the data-backed credentials of its innovative GTT engraving technology under the EcoProven banner.

06 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Apex International stall at Drupa

Supported by years of data and customer testimonials, the company used Drupa to demonstrate how the system is a critical part of sustainable practices across the offset, flexo wide web, and corrugated print sectors.

Joris Cabri, Apex VP of sales for Europe & Africa, Apex International, said: “In an era where companies use buzzwords to pay lip service to their sustainability agenda, Apex stands out by substantiating its claims with solid evidence. We are excited to shine a spotlight on our well-established GTT engraving and to demonstrate the technology’s positive contributions to the printing industry at this year’s Drupa.”

The Apex team showcased how GTT engraving contributes to environmental sustainability and cost efficiency. “We spotlighted to Drupa visitors our EcoProven initiative and significant breakthroughs in sustainable printing, living up to our ethos that only our quality should touch the Earth’,” added Joris. “GTT, with its innovative open slalom cell geometry, has transformed ink application in printing by allowing for better ink laydown, significantly reducing ink usage while enhancing opacity and gloss.”

Enhanced ink efficiency provides richer colours with less waste – for example, in white opacity applications, users can achieve superior laydown with one-hit white, using technology that benefits both the environment and their budgets. Similarly, in offset applications, GTT allows for more gloss with less lacquer, enhancing cost-efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

“The technology is a cornerstone of our EcoProven initiative, where real-world applications from our global customer base substantiate every claim,” added Joris. “One notable success story involves a major customer who reduced their ink consumption by more than 12% after adopting our patented engraving, without any sacrifice or compromise in terms of print quality.”