DR Corporation opts for ThermoStar T9 HS VLF

Ahmedabad-based DR Corporation has opted for a ThermoStar T9 HS VLF.

09 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Bhavin Dalwadi, Purvesh Thakkar and Rahul Shah from DR Corporation

Established in 1985, DR Corporation was into offset plates graining business, before reinventing itself as a CTP plate processing house.

Rahul Shah, director, DR Corporation, said, “Our journey with TechNova began with our first Violet CTP in 2010 followed by a thermal CTP in 2014. In 2015 and 2017, we added two more thermal devices from TechNova. And recently, we installed ThermoStar T9 HS  VLF  CTP.”

Shah is the founder of the company. Bhavin Dalwadi is production in-charge and Lala Bhai is pre-press in charge.

Shah said in recent years, the company has seen an increasing demand for digital printing plates. “TechNova has always been helpful, since our first violet CTP installation, as I was new to the industry and was unaware about violet CTP. Later, we purchased a thermal ThermoStar T9 machine to meet the market requirements. We were totally satisfied with the quality, consistency and output of the machine and later added three more thermal CTPs.”

The company has installed one violet machine, four thermal machines and two Konica Minolta kits.

Shah added that customers are happy with both violet and thermal plates from TechNova, and it has helped increase the company’s production. “Before the installation of ThermoStar T9HS VLF, customers were using UV CTP XLF plates. At the same time, I was also servicing my XLF customers through another service bureau based at Silvassa,” he said, adding that while the company has been severely hit by the pandemic, it is still expecting a growth of around 30-40% after the installation.