DQS launches sustainable program in India

DQS, a global top 10 certification and assessment body focussing on more than 25 verticals including print & packaging industry is in India.

09 Oct 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

Ganeshkumar V, product manager, print and packaging, DQS

Bengaluru-based Ganeshkumar V who is the product manager for print and packaging, said, "DQS with its global expertise has launched its sustainable printing and packaging guidelines, audits and certifications for India."

He stated, "Sustainability is a global and essentially economic concern, requiring enormous resources to solve. Rising environmental awareness is encouraging environmentally

smart brand owners to refocus on print. Also due to increased government regulation, public pressure and a desire to make production practices more efficient, the print and packaging community has been on the forefront of creating a new, sustainable green world.

Understanding this market need, DQS India wants to support print and brand owners by introducing global recognised best sustainability practices in India with DQS SPP services. For printers and packaging converters - DQS SPP is the print and packaging industry’s catalyst to increase business opportunities among brands committed to a sustainable supply chain and grow profits by reducing resource consumption and waste.

Ganeshkumar added, "As you know, businesses either large and small, sustainable business practices are becoming essential to be competitive in today's competitive and customer driven marketplaces. An eco-friendly approach to business can mean saving money by wasting less energy or materials, but it can also mean attracting more customers by identifying with their core values. As companies look to evolve their product packaging for the future, they need to consider sustainable printing and packaging practices."

He concluded, "For brand owners and print buyers - DQS SPP provides transparent, measurable assurance that our certified facilities will help print buyers and brand owners meet and exceed sustainability goals."

What does DQS SPP do?

DQS SPP improves profitability and efficiency through its holistic sustainability certification program. Each certified DQS SPP printer and packaging must commit to:

  • Reduce waste and hazardous materials
  • Conserve energy
  • Source sustainable materials
  • Conserve Water
  • Lower its carbon footprint
  • Create a safer workplace
  • Conform to all relevant environmental, health, safety & labor laws
  • Adopt a comprehensive annual continuous improvement and innovation in projects

Undergo a third-party recertification audit every three years. DQS SPP ensures that certified printers meet or exceed strict sustainability criteria in their manufacturing process, monitoring facilities’ progress and conducting Annual third-party surveillance audits to ensure that print and packaging buyers realise the environmental and economic benefits of a true circular economy.


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