DQS India to host webinar on Spot Matching System

The latest webinar in DQS India’s series on sustainability in printing will focus on the benefits of Spot Matching System (SMS). The session is slated for 14 May 2020 at 6.30 pm.

13 May 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

SMS consists of 500 industry standard colours

The speaker for this webinar session will be Ingi Karlsson, CEO at Spot-Nordic/Spot Matching System.

Ganesh Kumar of DQS India said, “Matching the desired brand colours across different devices and media is a major issue for any brand. Spot-Nordic brings designers a range of industry standards, media neutral colours to solve this, while reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.”

SMS consists of 500 industry standard colours for brand, web, print design and film and television.

According to Kumar, the main advantage of SMS is that its colours fulfills designers' criterion to use the same colours in CMYK printing on coated, uncoated paper, and on standard displays such as laptops, tabs, smartphones and TVs, while maintaining them for side-by-side visual comparison.  

Click here to register for the webinar session. 

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