DPR Labeling launches accessories for Epson printers

According to the company, the roll-to-roll accessories are capable of integrating with Epson ColorWorks C6000-series on-demand colour label printers.

16 Oct 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Epson has announced DPR Labeling has created roll-to-roll systems specifically designed to integrate with the ColorWorks C6000-series on-demand colour label printers. According to the Epson, the DPR Labeling roll-to-roll systems offer both label unwinder and rewinder to expedite printing jobs. 

“When combined with the ColorWorks label printer, the roll-to-roll system can help businesses streamline label production by increasing roll capacity and reducing roll changeovers, eliminating the need to collect labels by hand and help minimise the waste associated with tangled or damaged output,” the company said.

The DPR unwinder accessories are available in four models (UW6000A, UW6500A, UW6000P and UW6500P) and are equipped with a fixed three-inch core holder to fit each printer in the ColorWorks C6000-series lineup. Used to increase the input roll capacity, the system unwinds face-out labels automatically. The DPR rewinder accessories (RW6000A, RW6500A, RW6000P and RW6500P) are used to automatically rewind face-in or face-out printed labels. 

The unwinders and rewinders all accommodate roll diameters up to 10 inches and the maximum media widths correspond to the specifications for the C6000 series printers.

Michael Panzeri, vice president at DPR Labeling said, “We designed these roll-to-roll solutions to help businesses save time, streamline processes and provide a more efficient solution for businesses running on ColorWorks printers for labeling.”

According to the company, the position of the tension arm on the devices is calibrated so the printer forwards printed media, the arm goes down and the device rewinds the media. In turn, when the printer pulls back the media, the tension arm goes up so the device can unwind. 

“A printer plate completes the system to guarantee a perfectly aligned media pathway. Using the high capacity roll-to-roll system of both the external unwinder and rewinder can help to increase label production volume by reducing roll changeover time,” the company stated in a press release.

Bonny Chou, product manager, commercial labels, Epson America said, “DRP Labeling delivers exceptional accessory equipment to amplify the efficiencies of label printing. The combination of the ColorWorks printer with the DPR Labeling roll-to-roll solution is a simple, easy-to-use solution for organisations that are doing on-demand colour label printing.”

DPR Labeling also has roll-to-roll systems available for the full ColorWorks lineup including the ColorWorks GP-C831, TM-C3500 and TM-C7500.  

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