DPA organises outreach programme for printers in Tronica City

Under the leadership of Sunil Jain (president), Deepak Bhatia and Prashant Aggarwal (vice-presidents), and Prakash Dass (treasurer), Delhi Printers' Association organised its first DPA Aapke Dwar outreach programme at Trans Delhi Signature City (Tronica City) on 10 July 2021. A brainchild of Bhatia, this innovative programme was held in association with Rajiv Gupta of SDR Printers to meet and discuss with local printing units about the problems plaguing the printing industry today.

21 Jul 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The outreach programme was held on 10 July

Welcoming the participating printers of Tronica City, Dass thanked Gupta for his assistance in arranging the required infrastructure. He briefly outlined the need of the outreach programme and assured the printers of the benefits they would get when the gist of discussions would be shared by them with other printers known to them.

With the help of a chart Bhatia explained the quick frequency and the percentage at which prices of various raw materials increased over the past few months. He said printers generally do not stress on this important point when they negotiate with a customer for better deal. Bhatia emphasised the need for proper costing, inclusive of all miscellaneous expenses. He reminded the printers to keep the ‘cost to the printer' in mind when they compete among themselves for fresh orders.

Aggarwal suggested the participants to learn to say no if the print buyers are not ready to accept the minimum possible rates. He also advised them to form small groups, like clusters, among themselves while dealing with big clients and negotiate suitably to get higher rates.

Bhatia reiterated that nobody can survive if the final invoice does not cover all expenses. Therefore, he requested the printers to start practising client-wise expense table by jotting down even the smallest amounts spent.

All the printers gathered agreed with the views and suggestions of DPA representatives and assured putting these into practice. They also vowed to support DPA in its continuing efforts for the betterment of the printing fraternity.