DPA delegates meet pollution control committee over penalty on printers

A delegation of Delhi Printers’ Association (DPA) met the officials of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) on 26 November. The delegation wanted to seek clarifications on certain queries related to the recent notices and penalties levied on around 50 printers from the Patparganj Industrial Area.

29 Nov 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The delegation met the DPCC officials on 26 November

The delegation was represented by Delhi Printers’ Association president Sunil Jain; honourary general secretary Atul Goel; vice-president Deepak Bhatia and former president Arun Berry. They met PS Pankaj; Dr BMS Reddy and Dr Anwar Ali Khan (senior environment engineers) and Dr Sidharth Gautam; Sanjay Vats and Satendra Kumar (environment engineers) of DPCC.

In response to the enquiries made by the Delhi Printers’ Association, the DPCC officers informed that all these printers were penalized, as they were not complying with the conditions of the consent given by DPCC. They also emphasised on the fact that as per the law, the penalty should have been a fine of Rs 1-lakh for each and every non-compliance, but the department had taken a lenient view by imposing a fine of Rs 1-lakh only irrespective of the number of non-compliances. 

The officers also stated that units, which were issued notices, will not face disconnection of electric and water on payment of Environment Damages Compensation (EDC) and subsequent adherence to compliances.

They advised that the office bearers of Delhi Printers' Association should come forward to guide and educate fellow printers to comply with the conditions.

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee also offered to hold a virtual conference with members of the Delhi Printers' Association in which they would guide the printers on the compliances. The officers of DPCC, along with representatives of Ramky Enviro Engineers, the sole concessionaire for management of hazardous waste would be present to help the members.

Now, the association plans to hold the virtual conference on the subject in collaboration with the department shortly.