DOT Printers' new art collection displays screen printing marvel

Vasai-based DOT Printers has launched an exclusive art collection titled Nature, produced using traditional screen printing method, and entirely printed on a Sakurai press.

07 Aug 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Vasai-based DOT Printers has launched a nature-themed art collection entirely produced on Sakurai screen printing press, which the company says is a "Japanese masterclass machine".

The family-owned organisation has been helping brands to create value addition for the past five years through screen printing. Located in

Jayesh Shah, founder and chairman, DOT Printers believes that the company's strength lies in its dedicated team that "makes all the magic happen". "Our infrastructure involves a fully automatic screen printing press from Sakurai, a Japanese masterclass machine with maxed-out features," he added.

He said the company has been in B2B collaboration space with some of the finest packaging and commercial printers across Mumbai and the surrounding regions. "Now, we want to make a move beyond the ordinary and that's how the art collection comes in the perspective," Shah explained.

Meanwhile, Deep Shah, director and creative head, DOT Printers said, "This art collection is our first step into the visual design industry." According to the company, the artwork is printed with "finest Pantone inks from Japan".

"Providing zen to your workspace or home, this extraordinary piece of art was meticulously printed using traditional screen printing process. A century-old process that still defines the truest form of printing technique," the company stated, describing the art collection. "This art piece brings a sense of calm and peace no matter where it is placed. The collage brings in sheer relaxation to your space."

"To make things interesting, our team has overprinted this design with more than 20 visual and haptic eye-dazzling effects, which pop out from the picture," Shah said. "This art is overprinted with performance pigments, which are functional, decorative, and high-quality coatings that can simply add more colour and beauty to the design. Coating varnishes with a visual difference such as glow-in-the-dark radium ink, embossed varnishes, sparkle or shimmer effects, texture varnishes, glossy textures, 3D pattern varnishes, dual colour varnish to name a few."

Shah said the inks were imported from four locations namely Germany, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Japan. The art collection was the brainchild of Deep Shah, who believes in the fusion of art that brings calmness and serenity to any living space.

The project is said to be DOT Printers' first, however, with a limited number of copies –25 – which will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each art piece measures 20.5 x 38 inches. Total five pieces will be provided with individual framing options.

The art is also available with framing options such as premium natural wooden framing lacquered with matt white or pure bamboo finish coupled with a non-reflective extra clear museum glass.

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