Dorling Kindersley India donates 3,100 books for Book Days programme

Dorling Kindersley India will donate 3,100 copies of children books for the industry initiative, Book Days - Books for All. The books include a collection of Chhota Bheem Gurukul set plus other popular children books. These easy to use books are packed with activities and exercises that keep a child engaged and entertained for hours!

13 Mar 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

Books for All was launched by Henkel-Welbound during PrintPack 2019.

Team Welbound's aim, along with support from PrintWeek India through Book Days - Books for All, is to re-kindle the joy of the printed books, and drum support in its mission to provide ‘faster, better, cheaper’ books for publishers and readers.

Ramu Ramanathan, editor of PrintWeek India said, “During PrintPack 2019, at the end of the six days, more than a thousand books (and not textbooks or educational books) were shared. Print CEOs, who are grandfathers, picked up a copy which they promised to gift to their grandchildren. Visitors pocketed Indian children books published by Tulika and Katha - and returned the next day for more. Top publishers sent boxes of books to the Welbound stall where the books were displayed, ready to be gifted."

The concept is very simple — gift a book to a child you know, as well as a child you don’t know.

Other than Dorling Kindersley India, many more international and Indian book publishers have joined hands for this drive.