Digiflex working to expand its business in SEA countries

The flexo pre-press house Digiflex participated in Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2018, held at Bangkok from 10 to 12 May, to find a new market for its flexo plates business.

28 May 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Nalli Muralidhar, managing partner, Digiflex, said, “We are planning to expand our businesses outside India in Asian countries. We are approaching narrow-web flexo printers from our neighbouring countries. We have had visitors from countries like Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and those are the countries we are looking at. The queries were serious and will be converted into business.”

Established in 2015, Digiflex boasts the Flexcel NX system that leverages Kodak’s square spot imaging technology at an optical resolution of 10,000dpi to produce digital flexo plates that enable a broader tonal range, use of higher line screens, more efficient ink transfer and a higher level of quality.

“Right now, we do not have any plans to establish an overseas unit. We will service the market from our production facility in India. We will receive the art work, will develop the plates and send them to customers by international couriers. We will ensure that our customers receive the printing plates within a day or two,” he added.

According to V Mohan Rao of Digiflex, the company has around 99% of the market in Hyderabad. “Right now, we are exporting flexo printing plates to ten African countries from Hyderabad. Our next target is Middle East,” he added.

Muralidhar said that with flexo on the rise, gravure printing will slowly come down. “Earlier, it was difficult to meet the quality of gravure printing in flexo. However, with the advancement in technology, and our Kodak system, we can develop printing plates for quality printing,” he said, adding, “Nowadays gravure cylinder making is laborious and expensive affair. We can serve multiple industries from flexo printing plates – flexo, corrugation and even offset people use flexo plates for varnish.”