DIC hosts meeting in Jaipur

DIC India organised a technical seminar for the converters in and around Jaipur on 15 April at Hotel Ramada, Jaipur. The meet was attended by 50 converters in the region. There were customer engagement sessions on technology as well as technical services, GST plus DIC India capabilities. These were conducted by the members of the leadership team of DIC India.

17 Apr 2017 | By Rahul Kumar

A session on "brand owner expectations" was presented by a packaging development expert from ITC Foods. Speaking on the occasion, Rishi Raj Bhaskar, GM-Liquid Inks for DIC mentioned that "keeping in line with DIC India vision and mission, "customer engagement" and "best practices" are some key elements on which we want to grow our business rapidly and sustainably. As part of above philosophy, a series of customer (prospective and existing) engagement events is being done across in India and this is a part of the same."

The event and content were appreciated and well received by all the attendees.

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