Dhingra Prints invests in Ricoh

Panipat, Haryana-based Dhingra Prints has invested in a Ricoh Pro C9500, the first in Haryana. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

26 Apr 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Mahesh Dhingra with the Ricoh Pro C9500

“Ever since we took a big turn in business in 2017 with a new stature, our overall activities have also been drastically changed. Our reprographic jobs like photocopying and such tasks have been a bit sidelined as we are now focusing more on production printing. Around 80% of our current activities are job work while the rest we still engage in our traditional reprographic tasks to serve local walk-in customers who have been closely associated with us for years and still trust the quality of works and services of Dhingra Prints, formerly Dhingra Photostat,” said Mahesh Dhingra, proprietor of Dhingra Prints. 

On the recent installation of the flagship Ricoh Pro C9500 at Dhingra Prints, Dhingra said, “No words needed, we all know Ricoh digital colour production presses are always outstanding in terms of delivering quality prints. On top of that, this upgraded Ricoh Pro C9500 is undeniably a fresh breakthrough in quality printing which we are so proud of being the first owner of it in Haryana state. We are thus excited to inform you that our clients are now entitled to get a whole new print quality, something that we never offered before.” 

Most of the clients of Dhingra Prints are predominantly jobbers based in Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal and many parts of Uttar Pradesh. The company indulges a bit into exports too.        

Backed by a team of 12 well-trained and experienced printing and production professionals, Dhingra Prints boasts a production facility equipped with a line of digital colour production presses and others. The line consists of presses like Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C12000, Canon C10000, Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6085 and others. 

“Despite our already existing machine portfolio and capacity, we have set a new benchmark in quality and production speed following the recent installation of the Ricoh Pro C9500,” Dhingra said.

He added, “Doubtless to say that this new Ricoh Pro C9500, being the latest and upgraded model in its family, is a new ally for us to boost print quality, flexibility and productivity. In fact, we have the steadfast commitment to fulfil the demands and desire of our clients who are primarily jobbers working for big brands and corporate companies from different market sectors. It’s now our assurance because we have this Ricoh Pro C9500, upgraded with advanced features.”

The Pro C9500, which Monotech Systems introduced in the Indian market at the end of last year, is a digital colour production workhorse capable of operating at a speed up to 135-ppm. Suitably engineered to meet the quality, resolution, and accuracy in varied graphic prints, this upgraded model delivers high-quality graphics in industry’s leading resolution of 2400×4800dpi producing compatibly on a broad range of media weighing from 40gsm to 470gsm. Another advanced feature of the press is its precise auto front-to-back registration that helps commercial printers like Dhingra Prints produce high-value duplex jobs with full confidence.

Key products which Dhingra Prints delivers are stickers, labels, inlays, inserts, tags, PVC stickers and various marketing collaterals. 

“We are at the beginning of steering business with the newfound prowess and capacity of the Ricoh Pro C9500. It’s quite confident and clear that this digital press will surely cultivate a new success in our business—thanks to Monotech Systems for the machine and support they unconditionally lend us whenever required,” Dhingra concluded.