Delhi’s Reliable gets in-house pre-press with Thermostar T9

New Delhi-based Reliable Packaging has installed Thermostar T9, a thermal CTP, along with processor and software. Supplied and installed by TechNova Imaging Systems, the CTP has been running at the company shopfloor since July 2018.

30 Jan 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Reliable's printing plates demand has risen by 25%

Reliable was established by Vinish Nair in December 2001, and is run by Nair and his brothers Vibheesh and Vijesh. 

Before investing in the Thermostar T9, the company used to outsource plates from pre-press bureaus, and used violet and thermal both plates.

“We decided to go for thermal CTP because of high LPI and quality print production,” Nair explained the reason behind the investment. “Though there are other thermal CTPs in the market, we decide to go with TechNova because it is a one-stop shop for all pre-press related requirements.”

The company started with producing packaging covers for the music industry, especially for CDs/DVDs. Today, Reliable works in packaging, labelling, advertisement, and security industries, among others.

The company’s print production facility is equipped with multiple Heidelberg presses, all of which are loaded with interduct UV curing. The finishing segment is equipped with all essential equipment, including a fully automatic lamination machine from Taiwan with advanced drying and cutting technology.

“When we were outsourcing plate production, we used to consume around 1,500 plates per month. This has increased to 2,000 plates per month. Thus, our demand has risen by 25%,” Nair said. “Also, now that we have in-house pre-press, cancellation and rejection of jobs have also reduced to 0.1%, which was 5-7% in the past.”

He added that the other benefits of the CTP are security of jobs and fast output. “It’s simple and fast. The Thermostar T9 has taken care of all our issues and made the process simple and faster. Apogee from Agfa Graphics is also functioning well,” he said, adding, “TechNova has provided us with a new platform and has helped us in terms of technical knowhow and round-the-clock support, offline and online.”