Delhi’s Microprints installs Welbound WB@2500

Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi-based Microprints has recently installed a WB@2500, the new model of six-clamp binder from Welbound.

24 Jan 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Varun Johar of Microprints with the new WB@2500

Varun Johar of Microprints said the company is especially happy about the feature which provides handy information on production. “We are very happy with the new WB@2500 installed by Welbound. The machine provides production data information that is very useful for us in reviewing our processes,” he said.

The WB@2500 produces 2,500 books per hour and provides complete MIS on the job, in addition to producing a book that looks much sleeker, and provides better page pull values.

Microprints, which is into commercial, packaging and book printing, among others, is a one-stop setup with a fleet of pre-press, post and post-press equipment under one roof. The company specialises in book printing for MNC publishers, commercial printing for MNCs in FMCG, liquor, beverages and electronics, and paper and board primary packaging for stationery and secondary packaging for liquor/ FMCG.

Microprints was established by Rakesh Johar. The next-gen Varun Johar joined the company in 2002, and has brought newer, fresher ideas into the business.

Currently, Microprints operates from its 20,000-sqft space and works in two shifts. There are plans to expand in near future, said Johar, adding that the company targets Delhi-NCR for book printing, while north, west, and south India are its target markets for commercial/ packaging printing.

“We offer quick and efficient short offset runs with lean manufacturing using automation, to help customer mitigating inventory cost and customisation,” Johar said.

On the new investment, Johar said, “We are happy with the quality of binding. In WB@2500, the quality of binding is perfect, and it is efficient and fast.”

He is also appreciative of the support by Impel-Welbound team in north India, who went to the extent of supplying a single clamp on loan basis to get a particular job which could not be done on his existing machine, due to size restrictions.

For the last four years, Microprints has been consistently producing and doing drop shipment of a 14-title (21000 books) project every month. This is one project the company is really proud of, Johar said, adding, “We get only 10 days to complete production and dispatches.”

In another big volume project, Microprints has produced one million school books of a pre-primary school book project of 40 books with sticker sheets, posters and flash cards, packed in sets and delivered in 40 days.

A stickler for quality, the company has been producing hardbound four-colour comic book series as per pre-defined quality standards of a publisher for the last three years.

Avinash Yadav, area sales manager for Impel-Welbound, added, “Microprints is one of the fastest growing offset printing presses in Delhi-NCR. They have differentiated themselves through services, be it small lots, quick turnaround and deliveries, personalised services and complete fulfilment.”