Delhi’s Kriti installs four-colour RMGT 9 Series

In a bid to replace its pre-owned machinery with new ones, New Delhi-based Kriti has invested in a four-colour RMGT 9 Series press. The machine was installed early this year. “We are working towards replacing our existing pre-owned printing presses with new ones. The investment in the RMGT press was a part of this,” Gurpinder Singh Vohra, proprietor, Kriti, said, adding, “New printing presses are the need of the hour to meet customers’ demands for quality print and prompt delivery.”

27 Jun 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Gurpinder Singh Vohra of Kriti and others with the RMGT

This is Kriti’s first new machine. In the last six months, the commercial and book printer has already printed more than one crore thirty lakh impressions on the new machine.

The four-colour RMGT 25x36-inches press boasts a speed of 16,200 sheets per hour and its features include sheet size and impression preset; R-matic-D continuous dampening system; CIP4 ink volume setter; automatic blanket wash; automatic ink roller wash; vision punch and bender; pneumatic side lay guide and automatic nip check mode for rollers and maintenance mode for greasing purpose.

“While scouting the market, we found that power consumption in RMGT is less. In a peer-to-peer comparison, we can save around 12 kw per hour and more. Other reasons to invest in the RMGT include its double dia printing cylinder size and price of Japanese Yen at the time of deal,” Vohra added.

Established in 2003, Kriti has the complete printing setup, except an in-house CTP system. “Our next investment will be in a CTP device to complete the setup. Later, we will go for another printing press,” Vohra said.

Kriti maintains a ratio of 80:20 between books production and POP. A team of 60 people converts more than 100 tonnes of paper per month in 14,000 sq/ft rented premise.