Delhi’s Dharam Digital invests in Canon

New Delhi-based Dharam Digital Press, which caters to customers with short-runs and bulk requirements of digital printing applications, has invested in the newly-launched Canon ImagePress C10010VP. It is the first installation of the machine in North India. The machine was inaugurated and installed in the presence of Manabu Yamazaki, president and CEO of Canon India and Puneet Datta, senior director, professional printing products, Canon India.

17 Dec 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Manabu Yamazaki, and Puneet Datta of Canon India with Virendra Kasana of Dharam Digital Press

Virendra Kasana, owner, Dharam Digital Press said, “We are delighted to be associated with Canon for 10 years now. This relationship has grown stronger and deeper with more Canon installations. The same can be attributed to the timely service support from team Canon, along with excellent print quality and perfect registration of Canon ImagePress engines, which has resulted in positive response from our customers.”

The company’s print volume is in the range of 25 to 30 lakh prints per month.

Kasana added, “Like the previous series, the C10010VP is a highly productive colour production printer. We have already started seeing positive impacts like increased print volume and addition of new customers within the first month of installation.”

The new Canon ImagePress C10010VP series is built on a proven and reliable technology platform with enhanced automation and extensive media-handling capabilities and sets new standards in productivity, application diversity and quality. Equipped to support various types of synthetic media, the ImagePress C10010VP series offers print providers the capacity to expand their offerings in the market, producing value-added deliverables. The machine is targeted for high-volume production environments. Based on the FS400 Pro platform, it offers several features to boost colour and image quality, increase productivity, and optimise production.

Manabu Yamazaki, president and CEO of Canon India, said, “As we see some positive surge in the market and businesses amidst the seemingly end tail of the pandemic, we are witnessing a good demand from customers for digital printing. True to our value of providing ‘customer delight’, we are making robust efforts to serve consumers with the best products and services to upscale their businesses effectively and the launch of C10010 VP was a critical step towards this endeavour.”

Puneet Datta, senior director, Canon India, said, “We feel proud when customers who once install a Canon ImagePress find their return on investment to be so profitable that they keep on upgrading their print infrastructure with either more additions or upgrades. Although our products may seem expensive to the customer at first look, having high volume customers in the industry to partner with us for multiple generations of products and services is a testament to the fact that there is both financial and business merit in investing in Canon products and services. At Canon, we continuously endeavour to become an important catalyst in the growth of the digital printing industry through our state-of-the-art machines like ImagePress C10010VP.”

He added, “Delhi, being one of the well-known hubs for digital print business, has always been a prominent market for us. Our association with Dharam Digital Press started back in 2011 with the installation of the first Canon ImagePress machine. We are proud to fortify our reach in Delhi-NCR through them once again. Dharam Digital Press is well-known in the region for its exceptional services and fast turnaround times for retail customers. Through our product, we look forward to contributing to their business growth and further strengthening our deep-rooted relationship.”