Delhi’s Color and Creation invests in Ricoh

Delhi-based Color and Creation, which specialises in cosmetic label printing, has invested in a Ricoh Pro Series Special Color Edition. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

31 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Navneet Anand and Rishi Chandak with the Ricoh Pro Series Special Color Edition

Color and Creation is the brainchild of Navneet Anand, an alumnus of Pusa Institute of Technology. Despite being barely five years old in the market, the company has gained recognition because of the quality and consistency it maintains in every print it delivers and services it offers. “We exclusively work for a host of eminent brands from the beauty and personal care products market. That’s why attention to quality in prints, details and accuracy is of paramount importance to us. For this reason, we chose the Ricoh press,” Anand said.

Equipped with the fifth colour station for stimulating white, clear, gold, silver, IVR toner and special neon colours, the Ricoh Pro Series Special Color Edition meets every bit of requirements at Color and Creation when it comes to improvising texture and detail in label prints. It delivers prints in the industry’s leading resolution of 2400x4800-dpi, produced on a broad array of lightweight and heavyweight media up to 360-gsm, at the maximum printing speed of 85-ppm. 

“Even though we currently don’t own multiple machines, the impact of our sole Ricoh Pro Series Special Color Edition cannot be understated,” Anand said. 

He said Ricoh is now the technology of choice for the company as it pre-determined and decided what it would require to deliver flawless cosmetic label graphics, gaining an edge over market competitors.

He said, “The advantage of using the Ricoh Pro Series Special Color Edition is its capability to deliver the print quality that precisely aligns with our requirements. This advanced and flexible digital production press has tremendous features and hosts of advancements, which we have discovered and yet to discover, in which, some are linked to the press’ white toner capabilities.”

He added, “The fifth colour station of the Ricoh press comprehensively helps us add unique graphic effects and patterns to labels we print. The white toner capability of the press is something which has led us to secure a whole new level of innovations in label printing. The press’ media flexibility is another advantage for us to work with varieties of stocks — coated, coloured, textured and synthetic.”