Delhi’s Boon boosts its production with Canon

New Delhi-based Boon Print India has boosted its print production with Canon Imagepress C910 and Imagerunner Advance 8585.

12 Feb 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Vikas Dagar and Manju Sharma of Boon Print India

Boon Print started in 2019, after Vikas Dagar, director, Boon Print India, purchased Ezeeprint India, a complete digital print production company, and rebranded it.

Vikas Dagar, director, Boon Print India, said, “After a stint of 15 years in selling digital cutsheet printing presses for Canon, I knew that Canon Imagepress C910 would fulfil my requirement of colour consistency, productivity and texture media printing desired for commercial printing work, and the iRADV 8585 is a perfect production equipment for black and white book printing. So, I decided to go for the combo of Imagepress C910 and Imagerunner Advance 8585.

Dagar said he left his job in Canon as his engagement in his family business of water treatment was increasing. Then he found out that Ezeeprint India was for sale, and he grabbed the opportunity.

The setup is equipped with digital cutsheet machines from Canon and wide-format printers from Roland and HP, and a full fleet of post-press print enhancement equipment.

Boon Print is in four segments – commercial, publicity material, books and personalised and short-run rigid boxes. Vikas Dagar and Manju Sharma are the two directors. Dagar is responsible for production and marketing and Sharma is responsible for business development and back-end office.

Dagar said, the company focuses on providing complete printing solutions. “Offering a complete solution gives you scope for innovation and profit. Normal sheets printing is an open game with cutthroat competition,” he said.

He added that before the pandemic, the company was in a good shape with sales of more than Rs 1-1.5-crore in the first year of the business. “Right now, we are doing half of it, but soon we will recover. Our products are available on eCommerce platforms,” he added.

A team of 15 people work in the company’s 5,000-sqft area. “Our future plan is to shift our production facility to Gurugram to serve our corporate customers better,” Dagar concluded.

Puneet Datta, senior director, Canon India, said, “We are pleased that Boom Print India have added Canon digital production printing products in his fleet of printing equipment. This manifests the faith always shown by ex-Canon employee in our range of printing products and solutions.”R