Delhi’s Bahubali buys Kodak Veriset

Delhi-based Bahubali Printers has recently invested in a Kodak Veriset T800 platesetter from Monotech Systems.

08 Mar 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Amit Gupta with the Kodak Veriset T800 platesetter

Established in 2000, Bahubali Printers keeps expanding its core activities as well as machine portfolios in its production facilities with constant installations of new and ultra-modern machines. “The installation of the new Kodak Veriset T800 thermal CTP system at Bahubali Printers’ pre-press division has unleashed a new quality and standard in our plate-making process,” Amit Gupta, proprietor of Bahubali Printers, said. 

In 2018, Bahubali Printers unveiled Bahubali Digiglam, as a sister concern to push the innovations in packaging printing to a new height.  

With more than 20 years of presence in the printing industry on both offset and digital printing platforms, Bahubali Printers has roped in a host of quality-conscious customers from different sectors. When it comes to mentioning what Bahubali Printers offers its customers, it needs to make a long list containing food labels, clothing tags, personal/customised dairies, fancy cards, table calendars, wine boxes, perfume boxes, fliers, corporate brochures, so on. 

“Our two decades of experience in the industry eventually make us an expert in the selection of machines and technologies that move us ahead of our competitors. We are proud of being capable of satisfying our customers’ evolving requirements with print outputs that make their brands and products stand out amid crowds and competitors,” Gupta said. 

Bahubali Printers’ production setup is fully equipped with lines of advanced presses, UV coating and foiling machines, and versatile pre-press processors like the newly installed Kodak Veriset T800 platesetter.

The Kodak Veriset T800, a process-free platesetter, boasts a gamut of salient features that transcend the conventional plate-making process. It is equipped with the TH5 thermal head, which is engineered to deliver the quality that head technology in any conventional CTP system can never compete. Kodak Veriset T800 platesetter can image exceedingly precise and accurate dots leading to high tonal stability and uniform exposure. 

Further, Kodak Veriset T800 is a precisely and perfectly engineered platesetter for stable production of up to 22 eight-page plates in one hour. This advanced thermal CTP system can deliver a range of plates in throughput resolution of 2,400-dpi for different types of printers working for customers from diverse market segments, viz. packaging, commercial and others. In this respect, Gupta said he picked up the Kodak Veriset T800 as an ideal platesetter for its efficiency and substantially green plate-making process.