Dehradun’s Allied Printers installs Komori Enthrone 429

Dehradun-based Allied Printers has installed a four-colour Komori Enthrone 29-inches printing press. The machine has been running on the shopfloow since July.

16 Oct 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Dehradun’s Allied Printers installs Komori Enthrone 429

This is the company’s first new printing machine, and according to Abhishek Rajvanshi of Allied Printers, the company went for the investment to avoid constant breakdown with its existing pre-owned kit. “We were struggling with our pre-owned printing presses. We are located around 250-km away from Delhi, so it is difficult to get spare parts whenever we needed it. During machine breakdowns, we would outsource our jobs and those were printed on a Komori press. Thus, we came to know about the printing quality and performance of the machine,” Rajvanshi said. 

Allied Printers was established by Ravindra Nath Rajvanshi in 1966 and is now helped by his two sons, Abhishek and Anurag Rajvanshi. It started with letterpress and binding unit, gradually venturing into offset.

Rajvanshi said the Komori Enthrone has low makeready time, faster job change, high precision in printing on all kinds of substrates, less electricity consumption, no use of alcohol, ease of operations and others. “After adding the machine, we have started catering to packaging jobs. Earlier, we were catering government jobs. The press is CIP4 enabled. It not only helps the operator in ink control and makeready, but also reduces paper wastage considerably,” he added.

Rajvanshi expects that the new machine will boost the company’s production by at least 50%. “With the investment, production efficiency in printing process has increased to double. Post-press processes like die-cutting and binding have also increased in quality and accuracy. We expect our business to grow around 25% per annum and we hope to recover the investment in the next five to six years,” he said.