Day International announces price rise

Day International, a division of Flint Group, a leading global supplier of transfer media printing blankets, to the heatset, coldset and packaging industry, has said that given the continued challenges from the Covid pandemic, it continues to face cost increases across the global supply chain, from logistics to raw materials as well as the additional cost impact arising from staffing shortages at its global manufacturing location in the US.

30 Aug 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Due to these challenges, Day International is announcing the need to increase prices on printing blanket used in the heatset, coldset, and commercial sheetfed market segments.

Chad Holzer, business president, image transfer technologies, said, “We are seeing a significant increase in demand for our packaging related products and are running our production facilities at peak levels, while adhering to practices recommended by the World Health Organisation and local government agencies designed to keep our employees safe and healthy. However, we are facing unprecedented challenges with employee absenteeism due to Covid-19, delays in global supply chains, and critical raw material shortages.”