Cuttack's Om Oil and Flour Mills installs AccurioPress C3070P

Cuttack, Odisha-based Om Oil and Flour Mills has recently installed a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3070P. The machine has been running in the shopfloor from April 2019, and according to Dr Sarat Chandra Sahoo, MD, Om Oil and Flour Mills, the company is satisfied with the performance of the machine.

20 Sep 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Dr Sarat Chandra Sahoo, MD, Om Oil and Flour Mills with the AccurioPress C3070P

Om manufactures food products, including a variety of spices, soft drinks, and dry foods. It has a diverse range of customers, such as hotels, wholesalers, retail businesses, over-the-counter sellers, and so on. “Since our main business deals with food items, we wanted to ensure that all prints are compliant with various food-grade standards. Konica Minolta’s proprietary Simitri HDE toner meets that requirement while delivering high-quality printing,” Sahoo said.

He added that compared to other machines of the same range, the AccurioPress C3070P, delivers superlative quality prints. “It has also helped us boost our productivity and cater to more new-age print jobs than we did earlier,” he said. “Another thing that tilted our decision was the level of customer support offered by Konica Minolta. The company has a local warehouse and locally-based engineers. This makes regular servicing and maintenance, as well as more specialist repairs, extremely convenient with minimal downtime. All of this sets Konica Minolta apart from other brands.”

The company runs only the AccurioPress C3070P and prints around 5,000 sheets per month.

“The machine offers best-in-class productivity, colour consistency, and registration accuracy. This minimises wastage and increases our profitability,” Sahoo said.

Om Oil and Flour Mills is a 40-year-old family-owned business. “The biggest achievement for us is the fact that we have grown from a small factory to a public limited company. Our brand, Ruchi Foodline, has become synonymous with quality and affordability all over India. Today, we manufacture foods items ranging from flour and spices to soft drinks,” Sahoo said.

According to Sahoo, the reason behind the company deciding to opt for an in-house print setup was the need for more effective quality control. “In the packaged foods segment, we cannot afford to compromise on the quality. This extends to the print quality of the packaging as well,” he said.