Customers speak: Rohit Khanna and Naveen Goel

04 Jul 2016 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma & Rahul Kumar

Rohit Khanna, Creative Offset Printers
We started manufacturing rigid boxes with one fully automatic machine from Zhengrun. In less than a year, we have installed a second higher version fully automatic machine and a semi-automatic line. We have a combined capacity to produce around 22,000 rigid boxes per day. Right now, we are utilising 50% of it. We hope to make it 100% soon. We are hopeful that the mobile market will grow, and grow fast. We will be utilising our full set-up of rigid box manufacturing in the coming six months. I have installed a second machine based on my future projection. We are satisfied with the performance of the machines and our investment.


Naveen Goel, Any Graphics
We invested in the Emmeci hoping that the market will grow. However, what we have found is that the market is slowing down and growth is not as much as it was projected to be. For one, mobile manufacturers are going for single and three-ply boxes instead of rigid boxes. Unhealthy competition and excess capacity is also killing the market.

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