Creative Offset adds to its Lishun Yuan rigid box machine line

Greater Noida-based Creative Offset has added an automatic rigid box manufacturing line from Lishun Yuan to enhance its capacity and speed of conversion of its rigid box vertical.

11 Jan 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Ample Graphics represents Lishun Yuan in India.

Rohit Khanna, director, Creative Offset, said, “We are already using a semi-automatic rigid box manufacturing line from Lishun Yuan and are fairly happy with it. Demand for rigid boxes from our customers, especially for mobile packaging, is on the rise. To meet the increased client book, we have acquired an automatic line from the same manufacturer to achieve higher speed and precision than a semi-automatic machine. The machine is equipped with a robotic arm for faster conversion and precise manufacturing.”

Khanna shared another plus point with the Lishun Yuan machine is that it needs less space. “With this, we now have three automatic lines for rigid box. On the new machine, we are manufacturing up to 35 complete boxes per minute.”

At Creative Offset, rigid box is a key product area and a demanding one. Khanna elaborated, “We can manufacture around one lakh complete boxes per day. However, there is no margin for error. The profit margins are narrow and if a box gets rejected after manufacturing, it translates to a huge loss. In rigid box production, consistency is the key but a continuous challenge.”

Speaking of his outlook for the industry, Khanna said, “I think rigid box manufacturing is growing at 15% per annum. The boom is stable now. While the growth of the existing players is stable, new players are growing rapidly by either creating something new or eating into an incumbent’s market.”

Khanna added, “Interestingly, the Chinese phones manufacturers have changed the mindset of the market. Now even phones costing less than Rs 10,000 comes in rigid boxes. We have manufactured boxes for Samsung, now, for several years. We are now adding more manufacturers to our portfolio.”

Sachin Kala, managing partner, Ample Graphics, said, “Creative Offset is one of the few leading rigid box manufacturing units in the country. The company’s installation of our automatic rigid box manufacturing line gives us strength to serve the industry.”