Covid claims Global's Pramodh NP

Pramodh NP, an employee of Bengaluru-based Global Printing & Packaging passed away from Covid-19 infection. Manjunath BK, director, Global Printing & Packaging, said, “Pramodh was a member of not just the Global Printing family, but our own. At 39 years of age, he was meant to have a promising career and life ahead of him.”

18 May 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Pramodh NP (1 May 1982 – 15 May 2021)

Pramodh was a graduate of computer science and aspired to become an entrepreneur. In 2007, after a short stint in the computer industry, he joined Global Printing and Packaging, a company founded by his maternal uncles. Pramodh started out as a management trainee, and his ability to learn quickly, breadth of knowledge, and resourcefulness proved invaluable to the company.

He soon became a trustworthy and promising member of Global Printing, building his expertise in the flexo department. In a few years, he was promoted to the head of the flexo business. In this role, Pramodh was able to interact effectively with employees, customers, and vendors. Soon, he was not only handling flexo, but was also entrusted with new business development. Utilising his prior background in computer science, he was able to implement MIS and SAP into Global Printing.

“Pramodh was a gentle soul who never made any enemies. His ever-smiling face and cheerful laughter won the hearts of many people in the industry. His good-natured optimism encouraged those who worked with him, and he was unanimously liked by every employee at Global Printing,” Manjunath added.

In the last week of April, Pramodh was tested positive for Covid-19, and was hospitalised due to shortness of breath and low oxygen saturation.

Pramodh is survived by his wife Sindhu and three-year-old daughter Aayra.