Cosmo Films releases coffee table book printed on Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Films recently released a coffee table book titled Dialects of Silence in collaboration with Roli Books, which has been printed on the company’s Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP). This is the first time a high-quality art book has been printed on this new paper.

09 Sep 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The book has been printed on Cosmo Synthetic Paper

The book reflects the mood of the capital, New Delhi, during the four months of the lockdown. The photographs have been captured in black and white by photographer Parul Sharma.

The CSP is a replacement for pulp-based paper. Its edge over wood pulp-based paper is its non-tear property and long-lasting durability, its moisture and stain resistance and its premium quality printability. Currently, CSP is used for several applications like tags and labels, menu cards, and coasters, certificates and marksheets, calendars, banners, photo albums and carry bags.

The proceeds from this book would go to Cosmo Foundation. The foundation, a community outreach an initiative of the company, was set up in 2008 to facilitate educational programmes in rural areas of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and the National Capital Region of Delhi, as well as create employment opportunities, and sensitivity towards the environment.

Led by Yamini Kumar Jaipuria, the foundation has flagship programmes, such as computer literacy, basic English learning, health and hygiene, and the environment. The foundation has won several national and international awards in the arena of philanthropy and sustainability for the improvement of education for the poor.

Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films, said: “We are attempting to sell several copies of the book because the proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards Cosmo Foundation. The book has come out really well on our synthetic paper, and it has proved to be an ideal versatile material for high-quality coffee table books.”