Cosmo Films honoured for adopting cloud technology

Cosmo Films has been awarded the SAP ACE Award 2018 in the special recognition category, by the SAP India User Group, for being the front-runner in cloud adoption. Cosmo Films is at the forefront in adopting new technologies by leveraging innovation for digital transformation.

02 May 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

The company has adopted cloud technologies like SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for mission-critical applications and advanced data processing, SAP Success Factors (HCM) for empowering and improving employee experience, and Salesforce (CRM) for enhancing customer experience. 

Jagdip Kumar, chief information officer at Cosmo Films, said, “Digital is a vital component of every organisation’s game plan. As Cosmo Films gears to the process of business transformation in the evolving and expanding markets, futuristic cloud technologies is helping us achieve operational excellence and standout as market leader.”

The SAP ACE Awards are an industry benchmark to recognise the best–run businesses in the Indian subcontinent. It recognises and lauds IT innovation across businesses who have achieved business excellence and showcased consistent innovation by using cloud computing as the key competitive differentiator.

This year, SAP ACE awards 2018 received over 300 project nominations competing across 16 major award categories, with a distinct focus on large and midsized companies. 

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