Cortec launches new green film technology

US-based Cortec Corporation has developed a compostable film that can help eliminate the use of potentially polluting plastic wrap. According to the company, Eco Works 10 not only aligns with the company’s mission to eliminate plastic waste, it was also easier to work with than its previous plastic wrap.

13 Jun 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Eco Wrap can replace conventional stretch film in a variety of applications

Eco Works 10 is a specialty industrially compostable film that recently received the OK compost INDUSTRIAL certificate from TÜV Austria. This certifies that Eco Works 10 conforms to the EN 13432 standard (European equivalent of ASTM D6400) for industrial compostability. It also contains 10% renewable content. Eco Works 10 film and bags can be used like any other film and bag material to package small parts, gather organic waste, serve as shopping bags, and more!

Eco Works 10 has been used creatively by a small business whose mission is to reduce plastic packaging for hair and body care products. Its personal hygiene products take the form of artistically designed soap-like bars shaped in moulds. While the company succeeded in replacing plastic bottles by creating these attractive hand-held bars, some plastic film is still utilised to line the moulds during manufacturing. Workers sometimes had trouble with their previous plastic wrap sticking to the hygiene bars. When they tried Eco Works 10 as a substitute, there was no problem with sticking. The Eco Works 10 could also be used multiple times, reducing material waste.

In addition to its unique use of Eco Works 10, the same manufacturer also tried Eco Wrap on its automated stretch wrap equipment to palletise boxes of finished goods. Eco Wrap is also OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified by TÜV Austria. It can replace conventional stretch film in a variety of applications, such as corralling of goods for storage and shipment; pallet wrapping; luggage wrapping at airports; packaging construction materials; transporting furniture, and so on.