Control Print acquires majority stake in UK’s Codeology Group

Control Print, India’s premier integrated coding and marking solutions provider, announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Codeology Group, a UK-based provider of Print and Apply Systems. As a part of the deal, Control Print has acquired 50.49% of the stake in the company for Pound 1-million.

13 Mar 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Shiva Kabra, joint managing director of Control Print

Control Print plans to use Codeology’s print and apply systems in the Indian market in the next three months.  

This strategic joint venture marks a significant milestone for Control Print in adding technical capabilities and expanding its product portfolio. The acquisition will help Control Print get a toehold in the UK market, leading to new growth opportunities. The acquisition also plays a significant role in the growth and market expansion of Codeology. With Codeology's expertise in designing and producing high-quality Print & Apply Systems, Control Print aims to offer these products to its customer base in existing geographies.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Codeology Group,” said Shiva Kabra, joint managing director of Control Print. He added, “This collaboration represents a key step in our plan to diversify our product offerings further. In addition, Codeology has a well-established presence in the UK and will benefit from our products, expertise, and support in their home markets. This partnership will also help us expand to newer markets to provide high-quality products with Codeology’s assistance. Together, we are well-positioned to drive growth and deliver value to our customers.”

Jim Mason, director, Codeology Group, added, “We are excited to join hands with Control Print. This partnership will give us a broader vision and enhance our capabilities in offering our products. Moreover, the combination of Control Print's product additions and financial strength combined with our existing market coverage will provide a significantly higher ceiling for Codeology's growth rates. This is also a notable opportunity for us to reach a new customer base in a new market, further enhancing our network.”

Control Print’s past acquisitions include Netherlands-based Markprint BV, which acquired a 75% stake in 2022 for Euro 1.5-million through its Dutch Holding Company Control Print BV Additionally, the company recently launched QRiousCodes, innovative QR codes-based track and trace solutions. It leverages Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) technology connecting unique identification numbers of products to NFTs through QR codes. Control Print manufactures non-contact and contact-type coding and marking machines based on continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printing technology. A pioneer in the coding and marking solutions space, the brand caters to various industries including the likes of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, FMCG, personal care, pipe & plastic, wire & cable, steel & metal, cement, as well as plywood.