Comexi launches smart glasses with remote connectivity

Comexi has introduced smart glasses with a remote connectivity feature, which is a communication system that enables information-sharing between field technicians and the support department in augmented reality.

12 Jul 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The glasses provide the Comexi Help Desk a real-time view of the customer’s field of vision, which helps them facilitate the machine operations through hands-free video conferencing. It also has a provision to view text files with simultaneous translation, images, electrical diagrams, and PDF planes.

In addition, the glasses provide information from the remote location, for the identification of spare parts. Altogether, it reduces machine downtime and improves efficiency during onsite machine maintenance.

Another key feature of the glass is that it is integrated with Comexi Cloud services, a digital platform for the converting sector that offers decision-making tools and streamlining the operating tasks.

The Comexi cloud service offers product analytics and job costing, and an online purchasing service.

Also, customers have at their disposal all the required machine documentation in digital format, as it is available, updated, and accessible from any device.