Comexi highlights Comexi Cloud, Smart Glasses at K 2019 Fair

Comexi, the global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, welcomed more than 700 distinguished visitors during the K 2019 Fair. The company also secured talks for over 50 new projects with various worldwide companies as well as closing sales for eight machines to be distributed in South America, Central America, and Europe. Additionally, Comexi experienced a huge success with its Smart Glasses remote connectivity and many visitors showed interest in solvent-free ink technology of offset and flexo printing solutions.

20 Dec 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

The Comexi stall during K 2019 Fair

“We are very pleased with our results at K 2019 Fair. The closing sale of eight machines, along with securing negotiations for over 50 new products in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India, demonstrate the high interest in our technology. We are excited that companies have trust in Comexi and look forward to strengthening our relationships,” said Jordi Gorchs, chief commercial officer, Comexi.

With the digital revolution changing the entire world, Comexi presented their portfolio of machines through a digital application in combination with the well-known Comexi Cloud, the digital platform as a holistic approach to complete processes that will enrich a new era of continuous improvements throughout the entire value chain. This service is the perfect tool, allowing customers to capitalise on the remarkable opportunities that this new digital era brings to the flexible packaging sector.

The Comexi Cloud has reinvented the way printers and converters manage all processes, as it is the highest comprehensive online platform in the market to visualise, compile, analyse, and store all data. It is composed of different digital services linked to the machines and the data that these machines generate. The Comexi Cloud includes the Comexi Ordering Online, which permits 3D visualisation of the customer’s digital twin machine, as well as accurately identifying the required spare parts at a faster speed. At K 2019 Fair, visitors were able to experience first-hand this comprehensive virtual system, which is accessible from anywhere, delivering required information needed to asses and improve their job, in turn becoming the perfect combination of machine, user and virtual platform, among others benefits. Exploration of Comexi Cloud was made easy with the use of Comexi’s touch screens.

Furthermore, visitors showed a high interest in Comexi Smart Glasses, a remote communication system that allows information sharing between field technicians and the support department in real time and vision. Additionally, the use of this system reduces machine downtime, improves efficiency during on-site machine maintenance, decreases travels and increases post-sales service satisfaction. At Comexi’s K 2019 Fair booth, visitors were able to directly test this innovative service.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the most recent developments from Comexi: the new technical and specific laminated solutions which offer sustainable solution to our customers; innovations in offset central impression printing with new automated software for faster and more precise colour matching; Comexi’s commitment to sustainable printing with the use of water-based and curable EB Inks, and the high value solutions in slitting such as microperforation, QR codes, easy-open windows, among others, due to the company’s expertise in laser.

The closed chamber rotogravure trolley and the Comexi Flexo GL trolley are a perfect match for the different coating trolleys of Comexi multipurpose laminators, further enhancing the company’s range of solutions across the whole flexible packaging industry.

The new generation of offset CI8 press, introduces new solutions for colour matching and colour stability. The new iCIP3 software perfectly matches pre-press colour information with both CTP and press, creating a harmonised colour-matching process. Furthermore, the SOP (standard operation procedure) details the set up and usage of both iCIP3 and ink fountain control to reduce the sensitivity of process operating skills. As a result, the high level of colour management automatisation renders a more standardised, simpler, and accurate colour matching process, leading to a fast, efficient, and consistent set up time and waste reduction.