Comexi's COOL makes customers' life easier during pandemic

Comexi Ordering On-Line (COOL) is an eCommerce platform, which provides 3D visualisation of machines for its customers. Launched in 2019, the platform has been a vital tool for its customers, especially, during the past few weeks due the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, said a Comexi spokesperson.

24 Apr 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Moreover, COOL is a 24/7 online service, which also assists customers with maintenance work, an important aspect amid the current scenario, where such services are not easily available. The platform also enables customers to access the order history of spare parts and export and coordinate with others to address the issues of wear and tear parts.

Nickolaj Sorensen, technical director at Polyprint, said, "The online ordering platform is a fantastic tool that allows you to quickly find the right parts, their prices, and know if the item is in stock. Adding that COOL makes the day easier for me, as a manager, and also for service technicians.”

Likewise, the primary benefits highlighted by Comexi’s customers included shortening the order processing time and accurate and quick identification of the necessary spare parts. “Not only can they find the right parts on their computers or tablets, but the system also allows them to view machine drawings and ensure we have all the correct parts on site before disassembling various parts,” he added.

COOL is also included in Comexi Cloud, an innovative digital platform that assists customers in improving the performance of their plants through the analysis of real-time production data. “This online platform has completely changed the manner in which printers and converters manage every type of process, due to its ability to visualise, compile, analyse, and store all data,” Sorensen concluded.

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